How to Sell Jewelry Online as an Affiliate Marketer

How to Sell Jewelry Online as an Affiliate Marketer

How to Sell Jewelry Online as an Affiliate Marketer

The best way in which you can earn money is by selling jewelry online. One guarantee that you have in selling online is that as long as people are reading your content, you are sure of making a sale. How do you sell jewelry online without having your production and inventory? The answer is simple you just become an affiliate marketer.

The beauty of affiliate marketing

As an affiliate marketer you will be selling jewelry pieces that other people have designed, and in return, you get a commission for the pieces that you sell. For example, if you are getting a 10% commission of the items that you sell and you happen to sell a gold necklace worth 700$, it means you will get 70$.

Imagine getting a whopping 70$ which you haven’t created or designed! That’s pretty awesome. That is the beauty of divulging into affiliate marketing. If you happen to get many visitors who will come to your website and buy from you, you will be making a considerable profit.

Jewelry is quite expensive, and its demand is quite high in the online platform, the competition is also very high, but the good side is that the pay is very good depending on the pieces that you will sell.

How much cash can you make in selling jewelry online?

There’s no specific amount of money which is set for selling jewelry. For example, in Amazon, there’s particular jewelry which goes for a whopping 10,000$. If you could manage to sell just five of such pieces you can be making 3000$ per month.

Your role will be to bring visitors to the website using exciting content and then to transfer that traffic to the sales page of the jewelry or product.

Majority of the jewelry businesses which offer affiliate services have big sales funnels in place such as Immaculate Amazon sales funnel where it is programmed to sell and make money. As an affiliate, you can also use these funnels and leave the work of selling products to them. Your work will be to get these funnels to your website, give them some recommendations and send them to do their job.


Being an affiliate marketer is one of the best ways of making money from products that you have not designed nor created. How you earn as an affiliate marketer will depend on the number of sales that you make. The more visitors come to your site, the more chances they will buy your products and this in return means more money for you.