3 Exciting Ways You Can Make Money by Selling Jewelry from Home

3 Exciting Ways You Can Make Money by Selling Jewelry from Home

3 Exciting Ways You Can Make Money by Selling Jewelry from Home

Do you know that nowadays the jewelry business is becoming successful because of e-commerce sales? More people are shopping for items online as compared in retail stores. With this in mind comes many opportunities for making money selling jewelry from home. Here are some business models which you can use to make money from home.

MLM jewelry companies

Network marketing is also known as direct selling and is used by industries which carry their brand and distribute their goods via personal consultants. Just like the health industry and beauty industry jewelry niche is also becoming a popular business opportunity. For you to get started in the MLM jewelry companies you sign up under a particular sponsor, get recruited by her team, buy a business kit, and then you start selling. There are two methods in which you can earn and that is from multilevel compensation and product sales commission. The combination of the two modes of earning can yield a good income for you.

Dropship jewelry

A dropship company mostly includes three parties. The three parties include the wholesaler, customer and you who is the seller. When you get an online order from a customer, the wholesaler will directly package and send the item to the customer without coming into contact with you.

The difference before the price that you will charge the customer (the retail price) and the amount you are going to pay the wholesaler is your profit margin. For you, to partner with a wholesaler, you can look for them online, or you can sign up with an aggregate organization and let them match you with a wholesaler for a certain fee.

Selling your jewelry

If you have a strong desire for designing jewelry selling them in your online jewelry store would be the best option. Unlike commercial jewelry, handmade jewelry has a small scale but still, they do appeal to a particular audience. You can use two methods to sell your jewelry online.

The first method is by developing an online store in the Etsy marketplace. For every sale that you will make a certain percentage will go to the Etsy marketplace. That’s a very fair deal because the marketplace will give you visitors who will end up making purchases.

The second method is setting up a customized website which comes incorporated with an online store. Such a site will enable you to have more control of your jewelry business.


You can use any of the above three models to make money by selling your jewelry, and the good thing will all of them is that you don’t need a huge investment when starting the business.